5 Ways AAADrive Helps You Drive Safely

Get help developing good habits behind the wheel.

Receiving a discount on your auto insurance premium is one reason to use AAADrive. It can also help you become a better driver.

What is AAADrive?

AAADrive is a tool in the AAA Mobile app that is helping more than 115,000 people drive safely. AAADrive measures important safe-driving factors while you are driving. When your trip is over, AAADrive scores those factors so you can see which of your driving habits are good and which ones need improvement.

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5 good habits AAADrive can teach you

1. Stay smooth

Sudden speed changes and unpredictable stops make it harder for other drivers to anticipate your actions. AAADrive detects harsh braking and erratic speed changes, reminding you that it’s best to remain calm and steady behind the wheel.

2. Don’t speed

The faster you drive, the less time and distance you have to respond to whatever happens on the road in front of you. AAADrive measures how well you drive at certain speeds. You might learn, for example, that you were speeding even when just keeping up with other cars.

3. Avoid distractions

Nearly one in 10 fatal crashes involves a distracted driver, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. AAADrive detects how long you’re on a call when driving and whether you used your phone to text or email. Your best bet to drive safely? Put your phone down.

4. Watch the clock

Certain times of day are more dangerous for drivers. AAADrive monitors what times you’re behind the wheel. When possible, avoid driving during less-safe times, such as late at night.

5. Rest up

Fatigue while driving slows your reaction time, decreases your awareness and impairs your judgment. AAADrive calculates the time you spend driving on long journeys, when you could become tired. Regular breaks during longer drives (stop every two hours or 100 miles) can help you stay alert and focused.

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