Driver Education for Teen and Older Adult Drivers

AAA Members have quick access to road safety resources.

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AAA has been educating drivers since 1935. Decades of extensive knowledge and data have culminated in a comprehensive collection of resources intended to promote safe driving. Here’s a quick roundup of the online resources available to AAA Members of all ages.

Driver education for teen drivers

You may feel some trepidation about your teen driving, but it’s all but guaranteed they’re excited about their newfound freedom. Here are some quick reads to help put you a bit more at ease.

Teen driver safety page

This page is designed to reinforce the principles of road safety. Here you’ll find links to driver education courses in your state. The page also provides information on the requirements for obtaining a license.

Parent pointers

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, but when it comes to driving, AAA does have a handy guide. Start the conversation with confidence, with pointers designed to cover all the important elements of driving.

Understanding facts and risks

AAA also provides important information to help you discuss the dangers of distracted and impaired driving.

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Driver education for older adult drivers

Even the most experienced driver can benefit from a skill refresh or safety reminder. As we age, reaction times can slow, and our senses may not be as sharp as they once were. AAA addresses these issues with resources tailor-made for older drivers.

Online courses

Our online course for aging drivers is available on demand in many states. From the comfort of home, older adults can learn about defensive driving and age-related physical changes. Taking the course may even lower their monthly insurance rates.

Mobility planner

The Senior Transportation Mobility Planner helps older adults think ahead regarding their relationship to driving skills. With this free source, you’ll find tips to help keep your mental and physical health sharp, become familiar with transportation methods other than driving and more.

Driving ability assessments

Assessing driving competency can be an emotionally difficult issue. On the driving ability page, you’ll find a link to a self-assessment brochure as well as information about driving skill evaluations and professional driving assessments, all of which are designed to help you navigate this challenging issue.

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