License to Chill: How AAA Can Help Your Teen on the Road

Three ways AAA helps keep teen drivers safe—and parents sane.

Graphic of a father in the passenger seat as teen drives the car. Rami Niemi

Teen Membership

New drivers may not know how to handle bumps in the road like flat tires, dead batteries or empty gas tanks. But with AAA, teens—and parents—don’t have to worry. AAA offers an Associate Membership to young drivers with learner’s permits, so they’ll have AAA Roadside Assistance, whether they’re driving or riding in a friend’s car. They also can enjoy AAA Discounts at shops, restaurants and more—a great perk when they’re out and about.


This tool within the AAA Mobile app is a high-tech way to keep tabs on your teen driver. You can set a speed limit you don’t want them to exceed, as well as a curfew with a beginning and ending time during which they’re allowed to drive. You can even draw a geographic boundary on a map indicating where it’s OK for your teen to drive. If any of those settings are exceeded, you’ll get an email alert. (You decide what happens next.)

Help Finding a Safe Car

Finding the right car for your teen is important as teen drivers are at a greater risk of crashing. Considering vehicle size, safety features and vehicle power can help you choose the safest car possible for your young driver. 

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