8 Car Tips for Hurricane Season

Be prepared—just in case.

Car Tips for Hurricane Season Getty Images

Much of the attention on preparing for hurricane season is focused on protecting your home, but little is said about preparing your car, which will be critical if a storm is approaching and you need to go out for a last-minute item or you have to evacuate. Follow these tips to help avoid a worst-case scenario.

1. Make sure your insurance and AAA Membership are up to date in the event of an accident or car trouble.

2. Always travel with a full tank of gas. Refill your tank often to avoid long lines and fuel shortages.

3. Keep your insurance card, registration, a copy of the vehicle’s title, and other important documents in a waterproof bag in your glove compartment.

4. Know the nearest evacuation route and listen to the news for updates when you are driving. Download the AAA Mobile app to search for and book hotels, or to identify an alternate route, if necessary.

5. Create an emergency kit for your vehicle, including at minimum a flashlight, extra batteries, first aid kit, blankets, and nonperishable food and water.

6. Keep both cash and credit cards on you when driving.

7. Make sure your cellphone is charged, and bring along an extra charging device in case the battery dies. Affinity Cellular offers discounts to AAA Members.

8. Your car’s tires, battery, brakes and cooling system should all be in excellent condition before you go on a long trip—planned or unplanned. Bring your vehicle to any AAA Approved Auto Repair shop, where members receive a FREE multi-point inspection. You’ll be provided with a full report of your vehicle.

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