How AAA Bicycle Service Helped One Member Out of a Jam

When AAA Member Dennis Blanchard ran into trouble on his bicycle, AAA was there to help.

AAA Member Dennis Blanchard Brian Tietz

How did you find out about AAA Bicycle Service? The hard way! In fall 2016, I was riding my bicycle coast to coast to celebrate turning 70. I’d made it from Oregon to Minnesota when a mechanical failure caused my front wheel to lock up.

Oh, no! What happened? I went over the handlebars and smashed into the pavement. Two bicyclists came along and helped me up. They told me I could call AAA.

Were you surprised? Quite. I hadn’t yet heard about the service, but I decided to try it. I called AAA, and a tow truck arrived within 15 minutes. The driver took me to my desired destination. I was thrilled that AAA would do that.

How valuable is bicycle roadside assistance to you? I’m on my bike a lot; I ride at least 20 to 30 miles a day. It’s wonderful knowing that if something happens—even just a flat tire—I have a way to get my bike back home. I tell everyone now: If you bike, make sure you have AAA!

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