Member Shares the Benefit of AAA Teen Membership

Renee Keller shares how she gained peace of mind with AAA’s Teen Membership for her daughter, Haley.

Mom and teenage daughter beside her first car. Brian Tietzz

Mom's Concern for Teen Driver

Like many teens these days, my daughter, Haley, wasn’t eager to learn to drive. And for quite some time, that was fine with me. She’s my only child and—I admit it—I can be a little overprotective. I also know that the No. 1 cause of death among teens is car crashes. So the idea of Haley becoming a licensed driver was intimidating.

But finally, we both realized that it was important for her independence. She signed up for her high school’s driver ed courses, and when she passed the test to get her learner’s permit, I was really pleased. We’d come a long way!

AAA Teen Membership

Then a friend told me about the AAA Teen Membership. If you have a teen with a learner’s permit and you’re a member of AAA, you can sign up your child. It gives them roadside assistance, discounts—all the AAA benefits.

I signed Haley up that very day.

When her AAA Card came in the mail, I made sure Haley stored the AAA Roadside Assistance phone number in her cell phone. I’m comforted knowing that AAA is just a quick tap away for her. And if she’s in someone else’s car, as a passenger, Haley can still get help from AAA. Because unlike many roadside service programs, AAA covers her in any car.

New Car for Haley

A few months ago, we bought Haley her own car. It’s been nice seeing her happy and proud about that. But not long after we got it, she tried to start it to go to school—and the battery was dead.

The dealership was only two miles from our house, so I called there for help. They told me to call the car manufacturer’s roadside assistance, which I did—and was on hold for 20 minutes! What a disaster, I thought, if Haley had been stranded on the side of one of our city’s busy highways—not only without roadside assistance coming but without anyone even answering the phone. I told Haley, “We’re calling AAA from now on.”

Now, I have extra appreciation for AAA’s Teen Membership. Knowing Haley has reliable service, just a quick phone call away, means the world to me.

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