Power Up: Replacing Your Car Battery

AAA tests and replaces batteries so you can stay on track.

You probably don’t think much about your car battery—until you have to. For years, it has reliably started your vehicle (and occasionally someone else’s, thanks to jumper cables) and provided power for every major component and energy-hungry system. 

But everything has a lifespan, so when your battery starts giving you trouble or won’t power your vehicle at all, here are three easy, convenient ways to replace it:

Factoid about AAA recycling car batteries

Vehicle battery benefits

With a new AAA battery, you’re buying more than just a reliable power source. You’re also enjoying these member benefits:

  • Battery testing and vehicle starting/charging system testing
  • New battery installation on most vehicles
  • Disposal and recycling of the old battery
  • AAA Member pricing discounts

The AAA battery: peace of mind 

The AAA battery comes with a nationwide three-year full replacement warranty, so keep the receipt handy. (AAA recommends storing it the glove compartment or console.)


*Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina and South Carolina

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