Roadside Assistance to the Rescue

It’s no fun to be stuck, but AAA is on the way.

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No matter who you are or where you’re headed on the road, there are two universal truths for all drivers: First, it’s never convenient to have a flat tire, locked door, empty gas tank or dead battery.

Second, if you need help with your vehicle, AAA Roadside Assistance is only a call or click away.

Of course, no one wants their plans to hit a speed bump, but if it happens, here are seven ways AAA can get the wheels moving toward your destination again.

Flat chance!

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You couldn’t possibly have seen that gigantic nail roll onto the busy road from an adjacent construction site. But as you drove by, it apparently spotted you—and made a beeline for your tire. Pull over to a safe place and contact AAA. With a call or tap  onyour AAA mobile app, a service technician will be on the way.

Locked out?

When you’re standing outside your locked car only to spy your keys lying inside, take a breath and remember you’re a Member of AAA. AAA Roadside Assistance helps with lockouts, and your membership may also provide reimbursement for locksmith services.

Are you coming up empty?

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We said, “Run errands,” not “Run out of gas.” But if you tried to outsmart the fuel gauge countdown and lost, take heart. With your AAA Membership, a service technician will head your way with enough fuel to get you to a gas station.

Cycle through it.

Prefer to get around on two wheels? Your AAA Membership has you covered with bicycle service. If you’re out for a ride and the bike becomes disabled, AAA will pick you up and take you where you need to go for repairs (even if you’re riding a rental).

Charge it.

If your battery is dead or won’t provide enough voltage to start your car, call AAA. Roadside assistance will arrive at your location to boost or replace your battery.

Tow and go. 

If you’ve had a crash and your car is undrivable, or if a major system has broken down and stopped your vehicle in its tracks, AAA towing services will get you safely off the road and conveniently dropped off at a vetted repair facility.

EZ for EVs

AAA Mobile Electric Charge Vehicle

If you drive an electric vehicle, you’re familiar with the need to watch your mileage so you know when it’s time to plug in. But if you thought the low battery warning was just a suggestion and in reality, you’re out of juice, limited service mobile EV charging is available in select cities, including Orlando, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; Denver; San Francisco; and Portland, Oregon. (See the full list.)

  • TIP: Use the AAA Mobile app to locate any one of the nearly 5,700 public-access EV charging stations in the U.S.

With millions of members across the nation, AAA has refined the rescue protocol for anyone who’s stranded on the road. AAA Roadside Assistance is an important membership benefit—and if you need it, someone will be there.

3 Ways To Get a New AAA Battery

  • On the go: AAA Mobile Battery Service will come to your location for free testing and competitively priced battery replacements that are backed by a nationwide three-year free replacement warranty.
  • Drive there: Visit a participating AAA Approved Auto Repair facility or AAA Car Care location to buy a battery and have it installed by a trained technician.
  • DIY: Visit a NAPA Auto Parts store to purchase a AAA premium battery and install it yourself.

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