Time for Some Extra TLC for Your Car

Banish the effects of winter and prep your ride for the warm months ahead.

Graphic image of a car at a garage being inspected with a magnifying glass.

After a season of snow, ice, frigid temperatures and maybe a dash of road salt to top things off, your vehicle needs a little extra attention as you welcome warm weather driving. 

Click this link to download our checklist—a way to make sure you give your car the equivalent of a thorough spring cleaning.

Meanwhile, keep in mind: When it’s time for a thorough post-winter inspection for potential problems, it’s best to have a qualified technician handle the task—especially before you take that first road trip of the season.

Take advantage of your AAA member benefits and receive a 10% discount and up to $50 off labor for a regular-priced service at your local AAA Approved Auto Repair facility or AAA Owned Car Care location for your car maintenance and repair needs.

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