Tips That Can Help Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Learn to help protect your vehicle.

The theft of catalytic converters is on the rise. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there were 64,000 incidents of catalytic converter theft in 2022. Texas and California accounted for 32,000 of those stolen catalytic converters, making them the states with the highest risk for this particular crime.

So why is catalytic converter theft so common, and what can you do to mitigate your risk? AAA has helpful information and tips for deterring thieves.

What is a catalytic converter?

The catalytic converter is located in the undercarriage of the vehicle. Its role is to transform toxic gasses and fumes from engine emissions into less-toxic pollutants through a chemical reaction. 

Why are catalytic converters stolen?

Catalytic converters are usually stolen for their value as scrap metal. The converters contain precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium, all of which aid in the catalysis process.

Not only is a catalytic converter a high-dollar item, but its position on the underside of the car also makes it an easy target. 

How to prevent catalytic converter theft

Try these tips to decrease the risk of theft: 

  • When possible, park inside a garage. If you must park outside, do your best to park in a well-lit area. 
  • Ask your local AAA Owned Car Care or AAA Approved Auto Repair facility to see if they’re hosting any catalytic converter labelling events. 
  • Consider having a catalytic converter lock or anti-theft device installed by a professional. 

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