Four Options for a Safe Ride Home During the Holidays

Keep the holiday spirit in full swing with responsible ride planning.

Conceptual AAA tow truck with car keys in the towing bed on a blue background with holiday lights

Alcohol consumption increases exponentially between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, according to findings from American Addiction Centers

So, while you gather with friends and family for the annual festivities, make it a priority to make sure everyone has a way to get home safely. Whether it’s your office party colleagues, your college student who is home for break or your guests celebrating with you for New Year’s, take time to inform them of the choices and resources that are available for a safe ride home. 

1. Choose a driver.

Take a communal approach to driving safely. If there’s a chance you or your friends will be drinking alcohol, establish a designated driver at the beginning of the night. The designated driver should hold on to everyone’s keys to ensure no one can drive away on their own. 

Read more about the ways alcohol can affect your driving, 

2. Go with public transport. 

If you live in an area with bus or train service, public transport can be another way to get home safely. Be sure to check schedules and pick-up locations ahead of time, so you’re prepared. 

3. Select ride share. 

Ride-sharing services are available just about everywhere, and businesses like Uber and Lyft are popular. Service is typically requested through a proprietary Uber or Lyft app, so download it ahead of time. You can also call a taxi or shuttle service in your area. 

4. Trust Tow to Go.

Tow to Go is a cost-free driving service for impaired drivers who don’t have a safe ride alternative. On most major holidays, AAA Members and non-members in select service areas* can request a confidential tow/ride within 10 miles by calling 1.855.2.TOW2GO. 

AAA has offered its Tow to Go program for 25 years and has assisted more than 25,000 impaired drivers. 

 *Service areas: FL, GA, IA, MI, ND, NE, TN, WI, CO (Denver), NC (Charlotte) and IN (Fort Wayne/South Bend)

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