Chevrolet's 2023 Silverado Pickup

| July 15, 2023 | 3 Minute Read
A red 2023 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck parked on some grass with large boulders in the background. Tom Crosby

The Chevrolet Silverado continues to be the best seller among all Chevrolet models and its most popular trim remains the Silverado 1500, a working man’s pickup truck. 2023 adds a more powerful DuraMax turbo diesel engine increasing on-road performance, better mileage, and retaining the truck’s stellar off-road prowess.

Chevrolet remains number two in pickup truck sales behind the Ford F-150 series, but General Motors likes to say if you add the sales of the GMC Sierra pickup and Silverado together, GMC sells more pickups overall.

Otherwise, it’s Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram and GMC Sierra who sold 1.9 million pickups last year.

We test-drove the Silverado Crew LT (Luxury Touring) Trailboss 4WD with the smaller, lighter and more efficient 3.0-liter Duramax diesel engine.  It took advantage of its inline-six architecture to be quiet and ride smooth on the highway while averaging 22 mpg overall.

Car options

Silverado options include more than three dozen vehicle choices spread over eight trims, with engine, cabs, drive modes and bed sizes among dozens of personalization choices. The exterior remains basically the same.

We totaled $6,685 for six options with the most expensive being $2,590 for the Duramax, $1,145 for handy off-road side steps and $1,250 for a hard tonneau bed cover.

Acceleration was excellent, hitting 60 mph in 7 seconds from a dead stop wearing all-terrain Duramax Wrangler tires on 18-inch wheels.

Off-road, we had the Z71 off-road package that included monotube shocks, a 2-inch suspension lift to 10.8-inches ground clearance, skid plates and hill descent control among other features. There is a transfer case and low-range gearing, proving more than capable on rough unpaved road in rainy conditions.

Interior cabin space allows all passengers to be comfortable and a refresh in 2022 added a new dashboard with 13.4-inch central touchscreen (and voice responsive) along with a sharp 12.3-inch gauge display.

There are plentiful small storage areas, On-Star to reach a help center, several USB ports, Wi-Fi-hotspot, wireless AutoPlay and Android Auto for cellphones with google access for maps and functions. The truck bed includes 12 tie-downs, LED lighting, and multi-flex tailgate with step-in.

Chevy Drive Assist includes industry standard safety features, including forward collision alert and there is a teen-driving mode to restrict/monitor driving behavior.

A jerky stop-start feature, designed to improve miles per gallon, can be disabled. There is a spare tire; visors are extendable.

Safety ratings

Silverado received top safety ratings in government crash tests. Maintenance is free for first year.

Overall review

LIKES: Price, looks, quiet, mileage, spacious cabin/cargo versatility, tech interfaces, off-road chops

DISLIKES: Jerky stop/start, no hybrid option

BOTTOM LINE: Chevrolet promises all-electric Silverado for 2024 with 2023 model odds-on to be #2 in sales again

Car fact file


        2023 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab LT TrailBoss 4 WD          

    Base Price                     $58,095 ($64,780 as tested) 
    Curb Weight       5,450lbs. (lifted)
    Length       1 57.0-inches
    Width       241.4-inches (6'6" box)
    Engine Specs       8 1.2-inches                                       
    Horsepower       3.0-liter DOHC Turbo-Diesel Inline 6 
    Torque       495 ft-lbs at 1,500 rpm
    Transmission       10-speed automatic manual paddles 
    EPA Rating       21 mpg city | 23 mpg hwy
    Range       24-gallon tank, regular fuel
    Performance       0-60 in 7 seconds

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