The Future EV Charging Networks: Truck Stops Poised to Play a Big Part

Kevin Feather
| December 7, 2023 | 4 Minute Read
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With the increasing demand for electric vehicles in the United States, it’s no surprise that the EV charging infrastructure is rapidly growing. While many people may think of EV charging stations as being in parking lots or at home, a new player in the game has emerged: truck stops. In fact, truck stops could become a central part of the new EV charging network in the US. The partnership between Electrify America and Love's Travel Stops, as well as other initiatives, are paving the way for this exciting development.

The Emergence of EV Charging at Truck Stops

Truck stops are already a popular destination for long-haul truck drivers who need to refuel their diesel tanks and take a break. However, recent developments have shown that truck stops could become an essential part of the EV charging infrastructure, too. According to a report by GovTech, several states across the US are already partnering with third-party companies to bring EV charging stations to truck stops and curbsides. These initiatives are expected to be major drivers of EV charging network growth, particularly for those driving longer distances.

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Electrify America and Love’s Travel Stops Partnership

In August 2020, Electrify America announced a landmark collaboration with Love's Travel Stops, a nationwide chain of convenience stores and truck stops. According to the announcement, the partnership would result in the installation of ultra-fast charging stations at 40 of Love's Travel Stops' locations across the US. The announcement was a significant milestone for EV charging infrastructure development, as it signaled that truck stops could become a key player in the charging network landscape.

The New York Times has also reported on the growing trend of EV charging stations at truck stops. According to the article, truck stops are attractive locations for charging stations because they often offer ample space for large-scale infrastructure projects and are already frequented by long-distance drivers who can benefit from EV charging during much-needed rest stops. Additionally, the presence of EV charging stations at truck stops could help boost sales for food and retail establishments located at the stops.

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The Benefits of EV Charging at Truck Stops

One of the benefits of truck stops as a location for EV charging infrastructure is that they are often located near major highways and interstates. This means that they are ideally situated to offer fast and convenient charging options for drivers on long trips. In a blog post on the RV Geeks website, the authors note that installing EV charging stations at truck stops could benefit all kinds of drivers, from long-haul truckers to families on road trips. Additionally, having multiple charging stations at a single location, as with Love's Travel Stops, allows for greater accessibility and convenience for EV drivers.

As the popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow, it’s clear that the US needs to develop a reliable EV charging network. Truck stops are well-positioned to be a big part of this infrastructure, as they offer widespread, accessible locations ideal for EV charging stations. The partnership between Electrify America and Love's Travel Stops, along with other similar initiatives, bodes well for the future of EV charging in the US. It’s exciting to think about the possibilities ahead and the role that truck stops will play in this new era of transportation.

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