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Top 3 Best Packing Tips: Your Checklist for a Smooth Move

Claire Grulick
| May 6, 2024 | 4 Minute Read
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Moving can be overwhelming, but AAA Members have a secret weapon for a smoother, more affordable move. You can save whether you're moving across the country or just down the street, by using membership benefits and planning effectively. Here are some tips for AAA Members to save on services and supplies for their next move.

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1. Planning the Move

Create a Moving Checklist

List all tasks, including notifying utilities and transferring medical records. Manage time well and check off items as completed.

Set a Budget

Moving can get expensive quickly, so setting a realistic budget is crucial. Factor in expenses for movers, packing supplies, travel and unexpected costs.

Pick the Perfect Moving Date

Pick a mid-month move date for lower costs and fewer bookings. If you can, avoid weekends and month-end, when movers are busiest.

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2. Partner Spotlight

Leverage your AAA Membership for top-notch services and significant savings during your move. Here's what some of them can offer: Breath Easy in Your New Home

Ensure the air in your new home is pristine with AAA Members receive discounts on air and water filters, helping you to start fresh with clean air upon arrival.

Penske: Your Trusty Companion on the Road

Penske offers AAA Members specialized rates on reliable moving truck rentals. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're in a vehicle that can handle even your heaviest haul.

Atlas Van Lines: Professional Movers at Your Service

Trust the global leader in moving with your precious cargo. Atlas Van Lines offers AAA Members special pricing and protection plans to make sure your belongings are in good hands.

Snowbirds: Storage Solutions With a Personal Touch & Consumers Relocation Services

If you're a 'snowbird' looking for seasonal storage or vehicle transport, Snowbirds offers storage options and exclusive AAA Member rates. For a smooth relocation, use Consumers Relocation Services and enjoy a dedicated contact for all your moving needs, plus special AAA discounts.

Packing Supplies & Organization with AAA Dollars Online Mall

Boost your packing skills with The Container Store and Bed Bath & Beyond by Overstock, AAA's partners for smart packing supplies and organization solutions. When you shop online at the AAA Dollars Online Mall, you can get discounts on moving boxes to storage containers, making sure everything is accounted for.

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3. Mastering the Move: From Packing to Unpacking

Achieving a smooth move involves careful packing, strategic loading and efficient unpacking. Here are strategies for a seamless transition:

Essential Packing Tips

  • Pack Room by Room: Tackle one room at a time and use bubble wrap or clothing for fragile items. Clearly label each box with its contents and designated room.
  • Box Selection: Utilize smaller boxes for heavy items like books to prevent them from becoming too heavy to move. Larger boxes should be reserved for lighter items.
  • Wardrobe Boxes for Clothes: Maintain your clothes on hangers and use wardrobe boxes to make them easy to move and unpack.
  • Extra Padding for Breakables: Protect dishes and glassware with dish packs or barrels, designed for safe stacking and added protection.
  • Accessible Essentials: Keep a box of everyday items you’ll need immediately, such as toiletries and important documents, easily accessible.

Loading Strategies

  • Start with Big Items: Load heavy furniture and appliances first, using moving blankets for protection and fill gaps with lighter items.
  • Secure with Tie-Downs: Prevent shifting during transit by securing items with tie-downs in the moving truck.
  • Heavy Items at the Bottom: Place heavier boxes and furniture at the truck's base, with lighter items on top to prevent top-heavy issues.
  • Soft Items for Cushioning: Use soft items like bedding and pillows to cushion and protect delicate items during the move.

Moving Day & Unpacking

  • Preparation for Arrival: Coordinate with someone at the new location for unlocking and utility setup.
  • Final Checks: Ensure nothing is left behind in your old home and all utilities are turned off and secured.
  • Efficient Unloading: Place boxes in their labeled rooms for easier unpacking, starting with the essentials.
  • Utility Connection: Ensure all necessary utilities are connected at your new home.
  • Unpack at Your Pace: Unpack room by room, organizing and decorating your new space thoughtfully.

Using these moving tips and AAA's partnerships can make your move cheaper and less stressful. Whether for renting moving trucks, packing services or storage, AAA's partners have you covered for a smooth transition. Happy moving!

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