Favorite Gardens in North Dakota

Alicia Underlee Nelson
| February 22, 2024 | 4 Minute Read
A large range of cacti in different shapes and sizes inside of a conservatory. The sunset shines through the windows. Courtesy of the International Peace Garden

Stop and admire the beauty in some of the locals’ favorite gardens in North Dakota.

International Peace Garden, Dunseith

This unusual garden has spanned the North Dakota and Manitoba border as a symbol of international friendship since 1932. Find it in the Turtle Mountains north of Dunseith. The ever-changing gardens feature more than 80,000 annuals and perennials. Spot 2,000 to 5,000 blooms within The Floral Clock (a working timepiece) or stroll among the soothing fountains and reflecting pools in the immaculate Formal Gardens. The recently re-opened conservatory (above) contains one of the world’s best collections of succulents and cacti.

Hiking and biking paths weave through 2,400 acres of ponds, prairie, pines and picnic spots. Visitors enter through customs, so bring a passport or state issued ID and a copy of your birth certificate.

A hand holds a cluster of berries still connected to a branch. iStock

Dakota Sun Gardens & Winery, Carrington

Strolling through the colorful gardens that accent this charming estate near Carrington is a summertime pleasure. But the flowers aren’t the only attraction. You can also take a wagon ride to the orchards to see the pears, elderberries, chokeberries and other fruits that flavor the wines. Then you can sample the vino (the winery is open June 1 through Sept. 1) to find your favorites.

“Wine tasting takes about 45 minutes,” says owner Merleen Gussiaas. “They are just small samples because we don’t want to worry about anyone driving. Then guests can tour the gardens, which usually takes about an hour.”

The shaded patio is the perfect place for a picnic. Guests can bring their own lunch or order a meat and cheese tray.

Plants of different colors, sizes and textures surround a gravel path. Lisa Brown

Northern Plains Botanic Garden, Fargo

This north Fargo garden is so secluded and serene, some locals don’t even know it’s there. But it’s real strength is its variety. The garden showcases habitats that range from cool, shady woodland environments to a sea of blooms that attract monarch, viceroy and mourning cloak butterflies. There are also delicate hummingbirds that flit from flower to flower. Observe the subtle, seasonal variations in the dry garden, which features local plants in the Japanese style.

The interactive Children’s Garden (above) allows people of all ages to see and smell the plants and flowers—and touch, hear and taste them too. The new and evolving Edible Forest takes the sensory experience to the next level. The 6-acre complex is free and open to all. 

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