The Stanley Hotel: A Hauntingly Good Stay

Jasmin Lankford
| February 18, 2024 | 2 Minute Read

The Stanley Hotel offers a unique blend of luxury and mystery, wrapped in the intrigue of the supernatural. Nestled within the charming Colorado landscape, this iconic haven for spirits, both past and fictional, invites the daring and the curious to stay the night and uncover the history that echoes through its halls.

The Stanley Hotel is both compelling and comforting. This renowned resort is AAA Three Diamond designated, promising cleanliness and exceptional hospitality. But is a night’s stay worth the ghostly encounters?

Indulge in a Luxury Experience

If you're unfamiliar with the AAA Diamond designations, it's a trusted measure of what to expect from accommodations in terms of service and amenities. The Stanley Hotel’s Diamond designation is a testament to the hotel's commitment to quality, ensuring that every guest's stay is nothing short of first-rate, spooks notwithstanding.

Feast on a delicious spread at Brunch & Co. or enjoy a day at the spa. Play a round of golf or take a walk around the gorgeous grounds surrounded by snow-covered peaks. Discover a full-fledged luxury experience and marvel at the historical charm of the hotel's architecture.

Embrace Paranormal Encounters

Made famous in part by Stephen King’s spine-tingling "The Shining," the Stanley Hotel hosts more than just its guests—it’s also home to some famous spirits. Rooms 217 and 407 are known as the paranormal hot spots. Take a haunted tour of the hotel and learn more about its century-old legends, as skilled guides bring to life the stories of past inhabitants who some believe never left.

When you need a break from the eerie entertainment, venture out to explore the vibrant town of Estes Park, known for its scenic beauty and thriving arts scene. Take a historical tour or spend a day on the trails leading to the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park.

A Ghostly Getaway Awaits

So, are you prepared to face the phantoms in exchange for an experience of pure luxury? It’s time to pack your bags and your courage as you head to Colorado and step into the long-standing legend of the Stanley Hotel. Book your stay with AAA. You may come for the promise of chilling ghost stories, but you'll stay for the undeniable comfort and class.

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