Unveiling the Canvas: Denver’s Thriving Art Scene

Jasmin Lankford
| February 17, 2024 | 3 Minute Read

Art aficionados rejoice! Denver isn't just the launchpad to the Rockies; it’s brimming with dynamic art. From graffiti-splashed streets to renowned museums, the Mile High City has it all. If you're looking for a few spots in Denver to spark your creative side, here are some must-see destinations.

1. Embrace Creativity in the RiNo Art District

The River North Art District, or RiNo for short, isn't just a place—it's a movement. This vibrant neighborhood is a melting pot of culture, community, and creativity. Enjoy the alleyways bursting with colorful murals and upscale galleries showcasing local artists.

Best experienced on foot, RiNo is the epicenter of Denver's art scene. The area is constantly evolving, so every visit is a fresh experience. Plus, you won't go hungry with the district's delicious food offerings. Check out the AAA Trip Canvas tool for an incredible RiNo Art District food tour that is the perfect accompaniment to your art excursion.

2. Step into an Alternative Universe at Meow Wolf Convergence Station

Meow Wolf Convergence Station is not your average art exhibit. It's an immersive journey into the unknown. This colossal space delivers a sensory overload, with mind-bending art installations that blur the lines between art, storytelling, and interactivity.

Visitors become part of the art as they walk secret passages and engage with bizarre contraptions. Each intricately designed nook and cranny conceals a narrative itch, waiting for explorers to scratch it. Meow Wolf Convergence Station is a must-visit for anyone seeking a transcendent artistic experience.

3. Marvel at the Denver Art Museum's Vast Collections

The Denver Art Museum is an architectural masterpiece housing over 70,000 works of art from around the world. But its appeal goes beyond the extensive collections; the building itself is a piece of avant-garde art with its jutting angles and titanium cladding.

Inside, the museum's permanent collections span centuries and cultures. From ancient arts to modern and contemporary pieces, there's something for every taste. The best way to experience it all is with a Denver CityPASS. Save up to 45% on your museum tickets when you use your AAA Membership to get a Denver CityPASS.

4. Play with Perception at the Museum of Illusion

For a more whimsical encounter with art, the Museum of Illusion is the place to be. With over 80 interactive exhibits, this museum will have you questioning reality at every turn. It's a photography goldmine, where you'll capture images that are sure to puzzle your friends and family.

Stand in a room that appears to defy the laws of gravity or shrink and grow in a matter of steps. The Museum of Illusion is a literal playground for the senses. Don't miss the vortex tunnel – it's an experience you'll be replaying in your head long after you've left.

Denver's art scene is as diverse and magnificent as its surrounding peaks. Whether through the iconic collections of the Denver Art Museum or the striking streets of RiNo, these cultural landmarks serve as a reminder of the city's creative spirit. Plan out your art itinerary with AAA!

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