7 Top Tips for Packing and Moving

Smart ways to save time and money.

Couple loading moving boxes into a truck Penske

Packing a moving truck can be as overwhelming as moving itself. Most people don’t realize there’s a preferable way to load a rental truck when moving household items. Knowing the tricks and tips to maximize your truck space will save you time and energy.

Logistics company and AAA partner Penske Truck Rental offers these tried-and-true tips on safely and efficiently loading a moving truck.

1. Strategically load furniture and moving boxes

To ensure a safer, easier and quicker move, load your heaviest possessions in an “I” formation. Evenly balance the weight of your items on the truck bed.

  • Tip: Use tie-downs to help prevent furniture and
    moving boxes from shifting.

2. Protect valuables and papers

Keep small and valuable items (jewelry, handheld electronics, keys, etc.) with you rather than packing them. This advice is also good for anything else you may need during your move.

3. Packing and moving heavy objects

Starting with the top of the “I” formation, place your heaviest objects—like your refrigerator or washer—at the front of the truck.

4. Placing desks and heavy objects

Desks, dining room tables and large furniture can go in the middle with heavy moving boxes underneath if there’s clearance.

5. Cushioning with mattresses and box springs

Mattresses, box springs, and large pillows or cushions can do double duty by protecting other items. Place them along the left side of the box truck.

6. Positioning sofas and couches

Sofas and couches can go on the right side of the truck, opposite from the mattress and box springs.

7. Fill in with small boxes and miscellaneous items

Place your smaller boxes and miscellaneous items behind and around your heavy boxes.

Family carrying moving boxes from Penske truck Penske

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