AAA Member Exclusives: Eco-Friendly Discounts

Get Information on Member discounts on eco-conscious products and services.

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Spring and summer are always great times to take advantage of the discounts and rewards that come with your AAA Membership. Whether you're looking for eco-conscious items or sustainable services, AAA and its partners can help.

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Drive Greener with AAA’s Environmental Initiatives

Before diving into discounts and deals, spotlight AAA's eco-friendly efforts. They champion sustainable mobility, from promoting electric vehicles with priority charging spots to insurance discounts for hybrid drivers. AAA also advocates for policies boosting environmental protection and safety.

As an AAA Member, you are part of a community striving for a greener future for our friends and families. One way to contribute as a member is to sign up for a "paperless membership," reducing your carbon footprint and furthering our collective commitment to the planet.

Exclusive Eco-Friendly Discounts and Rewards

AAA has partnered with a range of businesses that share the commitment to sustainability. Here are some of the notable discounts and rewards Members can enjoy:

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SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

As a AAA Member, you can take advantage of special member admission discounts at SeaWorld parks across the nation. Also, make sure to check out their conservation programs and activities on your visit. For other discounted tickets, be sure to go to

If clean, fresh air and water are your priorities, look no further. With an AAA membership, you have access to discounts on’s range of air and water filtration products, making cleaner living more affordable.

Other Sustainable Partners You Should Know

For products made from recycled materials, Pingree Detroit offers an instant discount online. AAA has an array of other partners supporting sustainability in the AAA Dollars Online Mall, from sports and outdoor goods to everyday essentials.

With these discounts and rewards at your fingertips, contributing to a more eco-friendly world can have a lasting impact on the environment. It’s always a good idea to be mindful of our purchasing choices and make ones that are not just good for our wallets, but that can be beneficial to generations to come.

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