Streamline Your Responsibilities With Smart Home Technology

Make managing your home, parenting and caregiving easier with smart home technology.

Woman activating the alarm while leaving her smart home using an automated system. iStock

There are numerous ways to control the lights, television or thermostat in your home, whether you’re in the next room or another country. All you need is a smart phone and a few apps.

But do you know how smart devices can make your life easier if you’re a caregiver, parent or pet owner? Scroll down for smart device options to consider.

Smart home products for parents

Parenting in the Smart Age is more than bellowing from your front door when it’s time for dinner. Now, there’s a lot to consider. Here’s how you can help ensure they get to sleep and do their homework, plus a way to manage it all. 

Smart home products for pet owners

Our most beloved family members are often home alone, and while they’re always on our minds, it’s sometimes difficult to rush home to let them out or feed them. While it won’t make up for the times when you’re not there, smart technology can help you keep them watered, fed and active.

Smart home products for caregivers

More than one in six working Americans report assisting with the care of an elderly or disabled family member, relative or friend, according to

Smart devices can’t eliminate the stress or responsibilities of caregiving, but they can help ease your mind and allow you to monitor your loved one while you’re away. Here are a few devices for consideration.

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