Staying Ahead of the Storm: How One AAA Member Uses Weather Alerts

AAA Member Beth Ford used AAA weather alerts Todd Douglas

When severe weather strikes, quick information can make the difference between getting caught off guard and being well prepared. AAA Member Beth Ford explains how weather alerts help her look out for everyone, from runners to her daughter.

How does weather alerts help you?

I’m a race director for a local running event that’s held every January. Runners will run in any kind of weather: heat, rain, snow or wind. But as a race organizer, I cannot hold a race if lightning is near. It’s just too dangerous. And while lightning is not common in January, you never know. It’s great having weather alerts there to tell me if lightning—or anything else—is on the way.

What types of weather are most concerning?

Where I live, I mainly get alerts about lightning and thunderstorms, but recently I added winter weather to the types of warnings I receive. I discovered that you can list up to five addresses to monitor, so I included my daughter’s; she’s five hours away at college. Winter weather is more common there than it is here, so I wanted her to be able to prepare.

Sounds like that will give you peace of mind, as well.

It will. They did get some snow there last year. My daughter has a car at school, so it’s good to know that if there’s a warning about driving, I can get in touch with her and see how things are going.

Any other ways weather alerts comes in handy?

My husband and I travel somewhat often, and I like that we can know what’s going on back home even when we’re away. If I get an alert saying a severe weather situation has been issued for my home address, I can call my neighbor and ask her to check on our house.

Stay safe with weather alerts and these seasonal facts.

Stay safe with weather alerts and these seasonal facts

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