4 Crucial Steps to Making an Insurance Claim

These guidelines will help make the claim process as smooth as possible.


Any time harm comes to your home or property, it can be easy to feel frustrated or overwhelmed. However, keeping calm and being diligent during the claim process is important to having the best possible outcome. Remember the following steps:

1. Let authorities know

If you experience a fire or a criminal act like theft, your insurance policy may require you to call the fire department or police. Their investigations can assist the insurance company in determining who is at fault and settling the claim.

2. Gather information

If authorities are called, get a copy of their report. If the authorities aren’t involved, collect as much information as you can on your own. Take pictures of damage, save receipts related to the incident and write down important details while they’re fresh in your mind. If you have a home inventory, make a copy for your insurance agent.

3. Let your insurer know

Call your insurance company and let them know you think you have a claim to file. Your insurance company will assign your case to a claim representative, who will talk with you in detail about your coverage and the incident. After examining evidence, he or she will evaluate and resolve the case, including payments where appropriate.

4. Protect the property

While the claim process is under way, you should take reasonable steps to protect the insured property from further damage. For example, you’ll need to cover broken windows to prevent rain from entering.

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