Emergency SOS via Satellite: Apple Uses AAA for Roadside Assistance

Innovative feature combines the power of Apple's Emergency SOS with AAA's commitment to safety.

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In the wake of Apple’s newest release, they have also revealed a new feature with AAA for Roadside Assistance via satellite, a lifesaving service designed for iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 users who find themselves stranded in areas with no cell coverage or Wi-Fi. This innovative feature combines the power of Apple's Emergency SOS via satellite technology with AAA's commitment to safety.

Users in need of assistance will follow straightforward instructions, guided step by step through the process. Here's how it works:

  1. When stranded, users can dial or text 911 for emergency services.
  2. After dialing, they can initiate a text conversation with emergency services.
  3. Users will then connect with AAA through satellite by answering a brief questionnaire.
  4. Once connected, the iPhone will immediately engage in a text conversation with a AAA agent who can provide updates on their assistance request.

This collaboration highlights AAA's dedication to safety by reaching iPhone users who were otherwise unreachable in remote or communication-challenged locations such as an afternoon on the lake, an off-grid camping trip, a dead battery on a beach day or a getting a flat while leaf-peeping the fall foliage in the mountains. 

Beginning September 22, 2023, Roadside Assistance via satellite will be accessible to all iPhone 14 and 15 users in the United States, regardless of AAA Membership status. AAA Members will have their membership verified before receiving service, while non-members will be responsible for payment upon completing the service. 

$100 via $50 rebate/line/Max2. Reqs port, registration, validation, & new acct. Phone via 24 monthly bill credits. For well-qualified customers + tax.

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