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AAA Travel Advisors take the guesswork out of trip planning so you can get the most of out of luxury travel.

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You’re driving to the airport, filled with pre-trip butterflies. As you take your seat and buckle up, a quiet confidence puts you at ease. Everything has been expertly planned.

You’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Your AAA Travel Advisor made sure of it.

Successful trips hinge on planning the important details—and anticipating the what-ifs. Travel advisors are masters of taking care of vacation-planning necessities, freeing you to focus on fun.

Here are some of the reasons these pros are in hot demand, and why you’d be wise to let them take the guesswork out of your trip planning.

A great vacation is the sum of the experiences you have while away. Certified AAA Travel Advisors like Joy Haizel and Henry Muñoz are skilled at finding exactly what you’re looking for—whether that means identifying the right river cruise or offering ideas for ways you can save time and money.

Says Haizel, “When flights change, we can be proactive.”

And what about those ever-important questions, like what items to pack or what documentation you need? Muñoz explains that advisors are here to help and point you toward the right information.

Connect in person: Advisors find the best places to travel.

Maybe you already have a favorite travel advisor who knows your preferences, or perhaps you feel most comfortable talking with a professional face to face.

AAA has branch offices in your state, where you’re welcome to come and meet with a travel advisor or make an appointment to work by phone.

“I’m here to book the best vacation with the least amount of problems,” Haizel says. “AAA is backed by the support of a strongly vetted network. We work with partners to make sure your trip is going to be as smooth as possible.”

  • TIP: Check your AAA Living magazine for a list of local branch offices or find the one nearest you at

Connect on the phone: Get recommendations for leisure travel.

If you want to talk with an expert but have limited time, connect with an advisor via phone. AAA experts are ready to help—and can become your dedicated travel advisors for future trips you’d like to arrange.

“Our advisors have a range of knowledge from traveling the world,” Muñoz explains. “We can help save money in certain areas or even suggest trips the member never knew

  • TIP: AAA’s call center offers extended business hours until 8 p.m. ET on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET on Saturdays.

Connect by visiting Plan for peak and off-season travel.

If you’re used to doing everything from your laptop or desktop, visit Not only can you find the latest discounts and deals and search for cruises, rental cars and hotels, but you can also book online. A quick page scroll reveals important information about various destinations, including travel regulations and protocols.

Connect through the AAA Mobile app: Get deals on luxury travel and more.

If you’re into travel planning on demand, then take a look at the free AAA Mobile app. Join a half-million members who use the app each month to search for offers and book hotels, flights, cars, vacation packages, cruises and more—all from a smart device. The app provides information about what you’ll need to prepare for your journey (documentation, vaccines, etc.), and can provide area information if you’re traveling overseas and require assistance.

“With AAA Mobile, you’ve got AAA with you every step of your travel journey,” says Jennifer L. Smith, travel specialist, AAA.

  • TIP: Download the app from the Apple or Google app store. Check out the local services section for region-specific assistance and references.

AAA’s multichannel approach to travel planning gives you access to the information you need from anywhere—so you can successfully enjoy your somewhere.

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