Debunking Adventure Travel Myths: Exploring the World with Club Adventures!

Discover the reasons why a group tour should be your next vacation choice.

Woman in a yellow kayak with fellow kayakers nearby. Club Adventures

If you want to see the world through a local lens, consider a vacation with Club Adventures by AAA. Specializing in small-group adventure travel, Club Adventures features unique itineraries that focus on making authentic local connections.

Club Adventures vacations follow uncommon routes and feature boutique, responsibly-run accommodations and restaurants that benefit the local community. Their Local Leaders and Insider Experts help forge genuine connections. And, as seasoned tour operators, they know that unscripted moments are often the best, Club Adventures’ itineraries ensure there's room for those to happen.

Myth-Busting Small Group Adventure Travel

For many, the word adventure evokes vivid images of navigating turbulent river rapids or the heart-stopping moments before taking a dive out of a plane. But, for Club Adventures, it means experiencing something unfamiliar or new-to-you and stepping just a touch outside your comfort zone to embrace all that your destination has to offer.

You’ll make friends with fellow travelers, connect with locals and discover all the hidden gems and local treasures that your leader knows by heart and other tourists simply can’t find. Still not convinced? Let’s debunk some myths that surround adventure travel.

Two woman with life vests on an open-air tour boat. Club Adventures

#1 Myth: Adventure Travel Is Only for Active, Adrenaline Junkies

Some people may love swimming with sharks or hiking to Everest, but the tours offered by Club Adventures, while they do go to Everest, are built for the culturally adventurous – the travelers who get out of their normal routine by experiencing new things in destinations around the world.

Whether you’re dining family-style on a traditional Navajo meal after a tour through Monument Valley or taste-testing limoncello along the Amalfi Coast, adventure can happen anywhere and in any style.

Club Adventures believes, “Adventure means something different to everyone.” And with over 1,000 tours to destinations across all seven continents, they offer something for every kind of traveler. From hiking Kilimanjaro, to eating your way through Greece to cycling through Vietnam to admire the rice terraces, Club Adventures offers a vacation that suits you perfectly. 

A beautiful pool surrounded by empty lounge chairs and a jungle. Club Adventures

#2 Myth: It Won’t Be Comfortable

Club Adventures strives to make each element of a traveler’s experience memorable– especially their comfort. Accommodations for all tours–Basix to Premium­–are exclusively selected for their creature comforts as well as the unique local flare they offer.

Imagine kicking back by an infinity pool surrounded by lush jungle flora in Costa Rica or admiring intricate mosaics in your Islamic-University-turned-hotel in Uzbekistan.

Also, getting from place to place on a tour can sometimes be a headache. However, since Club Adventures tours average just 12 people, travelers are afforded plenty of space, as well as the luxury and ease of having smaller, private vans for transportation to final destinations.

A Caucasian woman dressed in traditional clothes with indigence people. Club Adventures

#3 Myth: Group Travel Is Too Structured

The experts of Club Adventures realize that to let adventure happen, unscripted moments need time to play out. So, interwoven into each carefully curated Club Adventures itinerary is an abundance of free time so that you can spend your time how you choose, making the experience truly yours.

Go grab dinner with the group, explore on your own, or take advantage of an additional excursion, it’s up to you. Local Leaders are available for guidance, advice or just pointing you in the right direction. 

A group of tourists eating with locals at a large table. Club Adventures

#4 Myth: I Won’t Like the People in My Tour Group

Meeting new people can be nerve-wracking for many of us, especially when it comes to joining a tour group. However, you’re likely to have more in common than you think. You’ve already booked the same style of adventure in the exact same destination.

Plus, you’re about to have so many incredible memories on your trip that you’re sharing in the moment with these people. You’ll get to know things about yourself and about them that you never thought you would. The connections you form with these people are unique and irreplaceable. You may even go on to travel again with the people you’ve met on your adventures. 

A group of tourists sitting on the ground eating with locals at a makeshift table. Club Adventures

#5 Myth: I Can’t Afford Group Travel

Group travel, especially adventure travel, is actually more affordable than most people believe. Because traveling with other people and with a trusted tour operator, such as Club

Adventures, rates for accommodations, transportation, and excursions can be negotiated more easily than someone would be able to do as a solo traveler.

Plus, you get the services of a tour leader throughout your adventure which adds so much value to your adventure through insider knowledge and cultural insight as well as hidden or lesser-known establishments that are beloved by locals.

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