Pack Your Bags, We’re Going to the Lake

Discover lakeside fun in Elkhart Lake.

Mom, dad, two daughters and son wearing swim suits sitting on a dock looking out over the lake. Photo courtesy of Elkhart Lake

Some say it’s like stepping back in time, others feel it’s like returning home or reconnecting with an old friend. Don’t be surprised if after a few hours of wandering in the village you respond to texts a little slower than usual. Your pace may begin to slow down enough for you to catch the aroma of locals’ flower gardens in their brief, yet brilliant bloom. Once you visit Elkhart Lake you’ll likely be saying “I usually try a new place every year, but I will definitely be coming back!” That’s because anyone who visits has their watch and heart switched over to Elkhart time. 

There are many reasons why people return to the Elkhart Lake. The lake water is legendary and has inspired lore that goes back over a century. Whether you are a beach reader or have little ones who prefer the shallow end, there is plenty of opportunity for a mellow lake experience. For those seeking more adventure, paddling or pontoon cruising is your best bet. However you choose to enjoy the water, you’ll be sure to notice the shoreline surrounded by cedars. On calm days the symphony of green can be seen twice, once on shore and again in the reflection of the lake. 

On the outskirts of town lies a historic road racing track and a third-generation family run golf course, both of which wind through the landscape as though they’ve always been there. Elkhart Lake is also surrounded by trail systems situated within state forest land. Once inside the village, you’ll quickly find your way around the streets where about 1,000 year-round residents live. Visitors can easily mosey into local restaurantsshops, parks, and galleries, most of which are family-owned. The dedicated families who run things as well as the families who continue to visit each summer create an atmosphere of multigenerational tradition. As a result, there’s a deep sense of stewardship for the place and the pace of life it offers. 

Whether you’re eight months old or eighty years old, everyone can experience Elkhart Lake. The village provides a peaceful setting with pastimes for children and adults. That’s what makes it a magical destination for making memories. Once your family dips their toes into Elkhart Lake, everyone will want to come back. On your drive out of town you will already be daydreaming of next summer’s reunion.

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