See Clearly with This AAA Discount at Lenscrafters

Get started on a plan to help keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.

See Clearly and Drive Safely With LensCrafters

Good vision is vital to good driving. If your eyesight is limited, so is your ability to drive safely. So schedule an annual eye exam to enhance and protect your vision.

LensCrafters can help you take a step toward safer driving and a new look. Bonus: Your AAA Membership saves you 50% on lenses with a frame purchase and 30% on nonprescription sunglasses.

Get personalized vision solutions, no matter what you drive.

Whether you’re driving a car, riding a motorcycle or pedaling a bicycle, an annual eye exam is important. With LensCrafters and its independent doctors of optometry—located in the store or next door—it’s simple to schedule an eye exam online at one of more than 1,000 locations. The latest eye care innovations and a personalized solution are just an appointment away.

Get personalized vision solutions, no matter what you drive

After your exam, LensCrafters can help you find the eyewear that fits you best. Enjoy the convenience of shopping online or in person when looking for the vision solution that’s right for you. From glasses to contact lenses and prescription sunglasses, there’s a solution for every need. Among the lens enhancements that can help you when you’re driving:

  • Polarized sunglass lenses enhance clarity, especially for driving, because they reduce glare from surfaces like the road, water and snow.
  • Anti-reflective lenses help reduce the effect of the glare you can encounter during nighttime driving.

In addition, consider Blue IQ™ Clear Lenses,* which are designed to reduce exposure to blue light from the sun and your digital devices. Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ quickly darken when exposed to outdoor sunlight and fade back to clear when you go indoors, so you don’t have to change glasses.

Choose from a wide range of brands and styles.

The perfect look is just waiting for you at LensCrafters. You can shop for eyewear online and in LensCrafters stores—all prescriptions are accepted online and in our stores.

Among the popular brands you’ll find at LensCrafters:

Oakley: The brand known for world-class sport eyewear, unrivaled innovation and a unique design philosophy. Form is function. Design is art. And everything should perform with a purpose.

Ray-Ban: Timeless styles tailored to your vision with innovative Ray-Ban lens technology.

Versace: Made in Italy, Versace Eyewear provides the finishing touch to any look. Characterized by high-end materials and a recognizable design aesthetic, Versace Eyewear pairs contemporary shapes with brand codes.

Vogue Eyewear: Vogue glasses reinterpret the dominant fashion trends of the moment to offer premium sunglasses and eyeglasses for women at an attainable price point. Often featuring iconic celebrities in their campaigns, Vogue frames are a favorite among younger and fashion-savvy audiences thanks to their glamorous shapes, on-trend color tones and chic details.

One last safe-driving tip for your eyes: Don’t forget to keep your glasses or contact lenses clean and in good repair.

*Blue IQ™ Clear Lenses filter at least 20% of blue light between 400 nanometers and 445 nanometers, which may help improve visual comfort in front of digital devices.

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