The 7 Elements of an Exceptional Travel Experience

Enjoy an immersive journey that goes beyond the ordinary.

Couple in a palace admiring the beautiful frescos and chandeliers

What elevates a travel experience from good to great? Consider some of the best trips you’ve taken and think about what made them so memorable. Maybe it was the uniqueness of a destination. Perhaps it was the friendships you forged with your travel companions. Or maybe it was all the ways you were able to experience a new culture.

With Luxury Gold, a world of immersive tours awaits you, each with VIP experiences, exceptional dining, elegant hotels and a Traveling Concierge who’s there to tailor everything to your desires. When you choose Luxury Gold, you’ll be able to indulge your passions on an immersive small-group tour, going beyond the ordinary to explore a distinctive destination in exquisite luxury.

Here are seven ways Luxury Gold will have you covered on your next adventure.

Personalizing the adventure

The Luxury Gold mission is to make your trip an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience. Key to the approach is the small-group tour. No matter where you journey with Luxury Gold, you can expect an average group size of 20 people, and no more than 24. By limiting the size of the tour, Luxury Gold can provide guests with an unequaled degree of personalized service and comfort. Because Luxury Gold prioritizes your well-being, your tour will also include a specially trained and dedicated well-being director to provide additional support and assistance. Another bonus: You’ll have access to people and places typically off-limits to larger groups.

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Catering to the discerning traveler

While no two travelers are alike, there are some traits common to all Luxury Gold guests: They value the immersive opportunities that come with a small-group tour; they can enjoy a blend of guided and independent exploration; they want to travel worry-free. In short, the Luxury Gold guest is someone who can appreciate all the personal touches that comprise a world-class VIP experience.

Providing a Traveling Concierge

Luxury Gold recognizes the value of having an expert who can tailor everything to your desires. That’s where your Traveling Concierge comes in—someone who works to ensure you’ll have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience and helps you focus on important details of your journey. Fluent in the local language, having at least five years of experience at the location and boasting an extensive list of contacts, your Traveling Concierge remains at your service throughout your journey.

Large beautiful castle that is a hotel

Magnificent Hotels

Each destination features a beautiful property selected for comfort, style, location and service. Luxury Gold frequently offers stays in the Red Carnation collection of hotels, a chain boasting 20 exceptional properties around the world. Included in the Red Carnation portfolio: beautiful, historic mansions (The Milestone Hotel & Residences, London), magnificent five-star accommodations (Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland), a wilderness reserve and wellness retreat (Bushmans Kloof in Cederberg Mountains, South Africa) and other unique offerings.

A couple dining outside in a middle eastern setting

Exceptional dining

Food can be a huge element of travel, and the myriad dining options available to Luxury Gold guests are vital to your authentic travel experience. Whether you’re enjoying a Michelin star meal, dining at a restaurant hand-picked by your Traveling Concierge or discovering street food stands and markets with a local guide, your culinary choices will connect you to the destination in a way nothing else can.

Boasting partnerships that add to the experience

Luxury Gold is a member of The Travel Corporation (TTC) family of companies, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2020. TTC provides travel experiences of a lifetime with a family of 40 award-winning travel and hospitality brands that span across 70 countries to choose from. TTC is committed to consistently deliver outstanding service, experiences and value to each and every one of its guests. As a member of TTC’s family of brands, Luxury Gold can leverage exclusive opportunities for guests. The financial strength of The Travel Corporation provides security to your future travels, and a flexibility promise allows you to change your booking up to 30 days prior to departure.

Preaching the philosophy “Make Travel Matter”

The TreadRight Foundation, The Travel Corporation’s not-for-profit organization, is a joint initiative among The Travel Corporation’s brands, to help support local communities, protect wildlife and positively impact the planet. As part of its pledge to “Make Travel Matter,” Luxury Gold gives guests the opportunity to participate in a variety of community-led tourism experiences that work to support local employment and preserve the community’s distinct heritage. TreadRight has supported over 50 sustainable tourism projects worldwide, connecting guests to local communities, reducing the environmental impact of travel, and protecting and rehabilitating at-risk animal populations.

Where do you want to go today?

Whether you’re still considering your options or you’ve already chosen your next dream trip, you can choose from lots of exclusive Luxury Gold experiences:

  • Italy, Ultimate Italy: Before-hours VIP Vatican with Art Historian / Avoid the crowds of the general public with your VIP entrance to the Vatican Museums and join a Local Expert to walk through the art filled rooms and galleries to the Raphael Rooms, decorated by the famous painter and his students. See the School of Athens, probably the most acclaimed fresco of Raphael, depicting the greatest artists of the high Renaissance. Alternatively, join a Local Expert to discover the religious history of the Papal State as you make your way to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Britain, The British Royale: Exclusive After Hours Visit to the Tower of London / You’re invited to the Tower of London to experience the Ceremony of the Keys, the oldest practiced military ceremony in the world. At your special after-hours visit you’ll get an inside look at the 700-year-old tradition that stood the tests of even the most tumultuous times.
  • Southern States of U.S., Southern Grace: Indulge in the best of America’s Southern states as you travel from Nashville through Memphis and on to New Orleans. Meet local singer-songwriters, taste the region’s renowned cuisine and experience Southern hospitality at its best.
  • Canada, Majesty of the Rockies: Meet the Warrior Women / Join a Make Travel Matter experience as you meet the First Nations Cree Warrior Women from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation. Learn about indigenous spirituality, music and drumming as you engage in a fascinating conversation about the aboriginal culture of Canada.
Older couple resting and thinking in the ruins of an ancient fort.

The endorsement of repeat customers

Luxury Gold’s mission is to give unique travel experiences that immerse guests in the destination and let them actively engage with its history, people, culture and environment. As such, there’s no better measure of success than when a satisfied guest returns for another journey. And because Luxury Gold offers such a variety of experiences, the only difficulty will be choosing which trip to take.

The joy of traveling with Luxury Gold

At its best, travel connects us with others, allowing us to form meaningful relationships and learn more about ourselves. It takes us out of our comfort zones. It inspires us and rewards us with unforgettable experiences. And when you’re a Luxury Gold guest, you’re able to see, taste and try things available nowhere else. The paths you travel with Luxury Gold are sure to become memorable moments of gold.

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