A Luxury Cruise in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe on a vacation like no other.

Have you ever watched a “Star Wars” movie and wished you were in it? Maybe this doesn’t describe you, but does it describe someone you love? If so, the “Star Wars:” Galactic Starcruiser adventure at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort could be a dream come true. This two-night, first-of-its-kind immersive experience is part luxury cruise, part real-life role-playing game, and one hundred percent fun.

Star Wars cast member on the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser

The Journey

The adventure begins when guests check in at the Galactic Starcruiser Terminal near Disney’s Hollywood Studios and are shuttled into space—hyperspace, no less—to the awaiting Halcyon. Celebrating its 275th anniversary, this starcruiser changed hands many times and has a history its crew is eager to share. (It’s not really a spaceship or a cruise ship—but you already knew that, didn’t you?) Once on board, guests can meet the ship’s crew—Captain Keevan, SK-62O (a droid that resembles R2D2) and singer Gaya, among others—before heading to their cabins.

All cabins have a large “viewport” looking out into space with a view that changes as the journey proceeds. Rooms feature a variety of amenities, not the least of which is a vidscreen through which guests can see and communicate with the chatty D3-O9, a droid who answers guests’ questions and may even be of help if the trip doesn’t go as planned.

What’s a cruise without a port of call? The Halcyon makes a stop on the planet Bantuu, which is also the “Star Wars:” Galaxy’s Edge area of Hollywood Studios. Guests disembark the Halcyon for several hours to experience the rides, shops and food on Bantuu, but they are also on a mission during their visit, creating a very different experience than guests who are only visiting the theme park. They might, for example, be tasked with special missions on Batuu—from hacking systems to delivering messages and more.

Captain Keevan greets guests in the ship's lobby.

The Adventure

For those familiar with “Star Wars” and its three movie trilogies, this adventure takes place prior to the final chapter, “The Rise of Skywalker.” Soon after boarding the Halcyon, guests are pulled into the story and must choose a side.

Will they join the Resistance, or will they support the First Order?

There’s no wrong answer because each guest’s experience is different based on the choices they make. Even better, members of the same family or traveling party can choose different sides and have completely difference experiences.

Guests are encouraged to dress the part by either bringing and wearing their own Star Wars-themed outfits, or they can purchase clothing and accessories right on the ship.

Along the way, there are opportunities to receive lightsaber training, attend a droid race, build a model ship and more. Because the best luxury cruises always attract top entertainers, the first day features a lively and eventful dinner performance by Gaya.

Speaking of dinner…

The Food

What is a luxury cruise without the opportunity to dine on exotic dishes from around the world—or in the case of the Halcyon, from around the galaxy. Meals on this adventure are literally out of this world, and while many may have a familiar taste and texture, they’re unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Are you ready to try blue shrimp? How about bantha beef tenderloin (served with crushed moon-rock potatoes)? No doubt the kids will like fried tip yip chicken chunks.

If your greatest concern about this experience is that you’ll be at Disney World but have to go two mornings without your Mickey waffles, I have good news. No, they don’t serve Mickey waffles, but they do serve a crisp, waffle-like cake with the Starcruiser logo that has the same taste and texture as a certain popular breakfast staple served at restaurants across Disney World.

Don’t Delay

Space is limited on this popular experience, so if you’re planning a Walt Disney World resort vacation, have your AAA Travel Advisor check availability and make a reservation before you book your flights, just in case you need to adjust the dates of your visit.

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