AAA Travel Consultants Answer Questions about Travel Insurance

Purchasing a dream vacation is often a big financial—and emotional—investment. Five AAA Travel Consultants offer insights into why travel insurance is key for a worry-free trip.

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Why is travel insurance important?

I always recommend travel insurance to my clients—you never know what can happen. If you’re investing your time and money in a trip, you want to make sure it’s protected. —AAA Travel Consultant Opal Leaky

Many people think, ‘I’ve never needed it before. I don’t need it now. Nothing will ever happen to me.’ You might never use it, but you’ll be grateful you had it the one time you do. You can’t use Medicare when you’re out of the country, for example. Travel insurance brings peace of mind. —AAA Travel Consultant Deb Germann

How do AAA Travel Consultants help clients select the policy that’s best for them?

I find out what’s important to them. Do they have health concerns that may disrupt their trip? Do they want the flexibility to cancel a week before departure? A day before? —AAA Travel Consultant Jennifer Galkowski

What about cost?

Cheaper isn’t always better. The bargain travel insurance plans that people tend to see online usually don’t cover medical transportation or anything beyond lost luggage. Focus on value to find the coverage that best fits your needs. —AAA Travel Consultant Opal Leaky

How has travel insurance helped your clients?

When two of my clients had to cancel their 13-day tour of Germany because the husband was laid off from his job, the travel insurance I had recommended protected their $9,000 investment. They got back every penny, including airfare—that was huge for them. —AAA Travel Consultant Opal Leaky

One of my customers broke her hip walking through a door on a cruise ship. She was taken off the ship in Belize and flown to Miami, where she had surgery. Without the insurance she may have had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. —AAA Travel Consultant Deb Germann

One client hit a tree while on an ATV in the Dominican Republic. The insurance he bought through AAA Travel Agency helped him find a hospital, deal with the language barrier—and pay his medical costs. —AAA Travel Consultant Jennifer Galkowski

Who handles the claim?

The same AAA Travel Consultant who sold the policy handles the entire claim process for the customer. —AAA Travel Consultant Karen Weller

The claims process was quick and easy. It’s so good to know that my clients were able to recoup their losses—especially at such a difficult time for them. —AAA Travel Consultant Opal Leaky

Which benefits resonate the most with people?

People appreciate the medical and financial reimbursement aspects. It’s truly a great value for the cost. —AAA Travel Consultant Karen Weller

I explain to my clients that they’ll have peace of mind if something unexpected happens before and during their vacation. —AAA Travel Consultant Carmen Rapucci

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