Holland America: Introducing First-of-its-Kind Fresh Fish Program

Holland America Line has launched a new addition to their sustainable cruising.

Holland America chef on board a ship holding a fish. Holland America

When it comes to cruising, Holland America Line has always been synonymous with exceptional experiences. In their pursuit of elevating the dining experience for passengers, the cruise line has introduced the Global Fresh Fish Program, a culinary initiative that not only promises a delectable feast but also aligns with Holland America’s dedication to sustainable cruising. Adding a touch of culinary mastery to this initiative is none other than renowned Chef Masaharu Morimoto, who serves as the cruise line's Fresh Fish Ambassador and brings his expertise to the high seas.

Making Sustainability Delicious

In 2022, Holland America became the first cruise line to be awarded certification for their commitment to exclusively serving fresh, certified sustainable wild seafood on their Alaska cruises. This success laid the foundation for the innovative Global Fresh Fish Program, showing the cruise line's dedication to culinary excellence and environmental stewardship.

Through strategic partnerships with conscientious suppliers and following strict sustainability standards, Holland America is doing its part to keep our oceans healthy and thriving for generations to come. The Global Fresh Fish Program also provides guests with the unique opportunity to savor the flavors of the world while actively participating in the promotion of responsible tourism. It also underscores Holland America's role as an industry leader in creating a more sustainable and conscientious approach to cruising. 

Port to plate map of the places that Holland America Line sources the seafood served. Holland America

The Global Fresh Fish Program offers a unique dining experience by bringing the finest, responsibly sourced selection of 80 types of fresh fish from 60 ports worldwide directly to the ships' kitchens. With the introduction of this program, Holland America Line is revolutionizing the dining experience at sea. Imagine dining on freshly caught seafood, prepared with innovative techniques that highlight the distinct flavors of each region. Each dish tells a story of its origin, making meals not just a feast for the palate but an immersive cultural experience.

An expansion of Holland America’s popular Savor My Catch experience is also a part of the Global Fresh Fish Program. This allows guests to take part in the culinary journey by having their freshly caught fish from specific shore excursions skillfully prepared and served to them on board. It is a personalized and unforgettable dining experience. 

Plate of delicious food served at the Morimoto by Sea restaurant on Holland America. Holland America

Morimoto by Sea: A Culinary Journey

Master Chef Masaharu Morimoto serves as the Fresh Fish Ambassador for the Global Fresh Fish Program, bringing his culinary expertise and passion for high-quality seafood to the forefront of the cruise experience.

In this role, Chef Morimoto plays a pivotal part in ensuring that only the freshest responsibly sourced selection of seafood graces the cruise line's menus. Chef Morimoto’s commitment aligns seamlessly with Holland America's goal to provide not only an exceptional culinary experience, but an ethically conscious one as well.

From the freshest catch of the day to time-honored classics, every dish is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, prepared and presented with the utmost care. Each guest can anticipate a memorable dining experience on the high seas.

Morimoto by Sea logo

Chef Morimoto's influence, however, extends far beyond the Global Fresh Fish Program. His new restaurant, Morimoto by Sea on Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam, and the exciting pop-up restaurants featured on the other 10 ships in the fleet bring captivating cuisine to the high seas.

The thoughtfully crafted menu highlights Chef Morimoto's signature dishes and specially designed selections, each infused with the distinctive culinary flair he is known for. Dining here promises to be an adventurous exploration of flavors, textures and culinary artistry that adds a fresh level of excitement to any voyage.

Holland America Line's innovative Global Fresh Fish Program stands as a testament to their continued stride towards immersive and enriching experiences. Beyond the exotic destinations, Holland America offers guests profound experiences, not only showing them the world but enriching their souls.

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