Why You Should Rent a Car for Vacation

No. 1: Put those miles on a rental instead of your car.

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Bracing yourself for long hours in the family car while on vacation this summer? Maybe it’s time to switch things up. Here are five reasons to rent a car for vacation this year:

avoid wear and tear on your vehicle

Your car may deserve a little vacation, too. Prolonged driving takes a toll on our favorite mode of transportation, and maintaining a car is expensive: The average person spent nearly $9,000 in 2018 for the privilege of owning and operating a vehicle. When you rent a car for vacation, it helps you log those hefty vacation miles on a rental, and perhaps you can put off trading in your car for another year or two.

get a smaller vehicle for your trip

If weaving through big-city streets is part of your epic summer adventure, the family minivan—while perfect for trips to soccer practice, school and work—might not be ideal. When you rent a car for vacation, you can get a smaller vehicle that’s still big enough for the family and luggage, yet gives you more maneuverability and better gas mileage.

get a larger vehicle for your trip

If you’re taking a long sightseeing vacation, you may want more legroom or even a few extra seats so the kids can spread out. A larger rental provides the space that your vehicle doesn’t. Legroom is one of the most complicated measurements that go into designing a vehicle, so make sure you do a “test sit” before deciding.

experiment with a new vehicle

If you’re in the market for a car or truck, renting a car for vacation can be the perfect way for the whole family to test a new ride. You can get input from your crew and give the vehicle a much more thorough test drive than you’d get at a car dealership.

get there sooner and save

If your vacation destination is far away, you may want to save time by flying—and rent a car for vacation when you arrive. Given the true cost of driving your car long distances, this option may be more affordable than you think. Also, consider using rental discounts or renting away from the airport—a quick taxi or rideshare could save you even more.

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