From Empty Shell to a Live/Work Space on Wheels—a Van Gets a Road Trip Makeover

Me and you and a dog named Myka, travelin’ and livin’ off the van.



Source: Jon Mattrisch

Some might call it a camper van. But really, for owner Jon Mattrisch, this Ford Transit 350 hybrid delivers so much more. Gracie Gray, as it’s named, functions as a four-wheeled vacation home, tour bus and photo studio. In it, Jon; his wife, Krisha; and their dog, Myka, are taking an 18-month journey [read more here]—one where this little troop will devour the greatest beauty the USA can serve up. And Jon, a professional landscape photographer, will capture every stunning pixel of it for posterity.

Before embarking on this odyssey, Jon began with a blank canvas—an empty cargo space that he transformed into a comfy, functional home and workspace. After her makeover, Gracie Gray now boasts an electrical system, solar panels, exhaust fans, portable toilet, cooking facilities, a fridge and more.

Here, Jon documents Gracie’s extensive . . . let’s call it, vansformation.

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