6 Caribbean Cruise Excursions You’ll Love

The turquoise waters, balmy temps and tropical ports of the Caribbean Sea beckon millions of cruise passengers each year—more than any other cruise destination. Go island-hopping with these amazing onshore excursions.


With more than 7,000 islands, atolls and cays dotting its turquoise surface, the Caribbean Sea is a tropical paradise full of swaying palm trees and sugar-sand beaches. Nearly 30 Caribbean countries offer prime playgrounds for diving, snorkeling, fishing and simply relaxing. The climate offers warm water, sunny skies and steady breezes, making the Caribbean a year-round cruise destination (December through April is the peak season). Each island port beckons visitors with its own personality: from the natural beauty of Belize, with its rainforest-draped mountains, to the hundreds of duty-free shops that make the Caribbean a shopper’s heaven.

Cruise lines offer a bevy of onshore adventures, or excursions, that let cruise passengers get off the ship and explore on land. AAA Travel Advisors can help you choose the excursions that are right for you, helping to craft a cruise vacation that fulfills all your travel dreams.

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