Tour Tips for Your Next College Campus Visit

Make the most of your university visit with these tips—plus extra perks from AAA.

Choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions in our children’s lives—for both parent and child. Before taking college tours, here are a few tips to help you cram for this important test, plus a few AAA Member benefits to use along the way.

Get more from your visit with AAA

You don’t need an advanced degree to know that saving money, finding good meals and staying safe on the road make for great college tours. Here’s how AAA can help you get acquainted with potential universities:

Explore the town

Whether it’s during a road trip to the college or taking a drive around town to get a feel for the broader community, AAA can give you and your soon-to-be student peace of mind that you’re covered on the road.

See what a student leaving for college means for your insurance policies.

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Save on an overnight stay

College is most kids’ first time living away from home, so a quick day trip for college tours doesn’t really convey the full experience. It might not be the same as moving into a dorm, but an overnight visit is well worth it. Find a hotel and enjoy exclusive AAA discounts.

Check out the school’s sports teams

Cheering on their college’s teams is at the top of many students’ extracurricular priorities. AAA Members can get a discount to select NCAA basketball and football games to give cheering a tryout during college tours.

Taste the local cuisine

Get a taste for what’s available for off-campus meals. Whether it’s something simple or a gourmet meal reserved for a visit from the parents, AAA Diamond designations can help you find something delicious.

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