Meet Trista Sutter: 3 tips for a better life

Trista Sutter, TV’s original “Bachelorette,” and fellow AAA Colorado member since 2002, relaxes at The Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa in Avon, Colo. © AAA Colorado

Recently, EnCompass talked with long-time AAA Colorado member Trista Sutter to discover what she’s been up to since her appearances on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. She’s discovering how to live her best life and is sharing what’s she’s learned with you!

Who is Trista Sutter?

“Will you accept this rose?” was a frequent question in Trista Sutter’s life in 2002, when she appeared on the very first season of the long-running hit reality show, The Bachelor. She was the runner-up and left brokenhearted, but she persevered, bounced back, and was given the opportunity to find love as the very first “Bachelorette.”

“My dreams of finding love finally came true,” says Trista. “I fell head over heels, and got engaged to my soul mate, Ryan Sutter!” The couple tied the knot in a televised special watched by more than 26 million viewers—one of the most widely viewed episodes in reality TV, ever! “It was the most beautiful day, and I wouldn’t have changed anything about it,” she says.

Life Beyond The Bachelorette

Trista and Ryan with their son Max, 13, and daughter Blakesley, 11. © Cara Leonard Photography

Since that magical day in 2003, Trista and Ryan have lived a relatively quiet, and busy, life just outside Vail with their two children. As Trista puts it, “My life has been extremely blessed, and I don’t take any of it for granted,” and it shows.

Professionally, she has worked as a spokesperson, an author, (Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart), a speaker (TedX Vail, “The Value of YOU”), and now a podcaster (Better, Etc.).

Living Your Better Life in 2021

During the pandemic, Trista launched her own podcast, Better, Etc., which features experts and non-experts who share their personal experiences and offer advice on how to live happier—better—lives. “I wanted to be part of something positive, something that could help me be a better version of myself,” says Trista.

The stories from her guests have encouraged Trista to remain upbeat through the difficulties of 2020. We could all use a little guidance and positivity going into 2021. Her podcast is an ideal resource to help with that. Here are a few hand-picked pieces of advice from Trista:

  1. Work smarter, not harder – from Catt Sadler, former E! news reporter turned blogger and podcaster.
    Reportedly, only 30 percent of women end up negotiating their salary. One way to make a raise happen is to communicate your goals to decision-makers throughout the year. Document your wins to bring up at your salary meeting, but also to remind yourself of your achievements and how successful you have been.
  2. Give life a positive spin – from Kelley Wolf, certified life and personal development coach.
    Our thoughts form our world, so we need to be repetitive in our positivity, and retrain our brains to not have negative thoughts. “I’m so exhausted thinking on what to make for dinner each night,” only creates stress. Instead, switch it to gratitude and think, “I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to have so many food choices.” Also, Kelley encourages us to replace the word need with want. For example, “I want to make dinner” instead of “I need to make dinner.”
  3. Live your life for YOU…with deadlines – from Ben Nemtin, New York Times best-selling coauthor of What Do You Want To Do Before You Die?
    According to Ben, 76 percent of people regret not living their ideal self. “We regret what we haven’t done, not what we have done.” Personal dreams normally don’t have deadlines, and those dreams get pushed to the side. Make those dreams goals, set a deadline, and then cross them off your list.

To find more advice on living your better life, follow Trista on Instagram at @tristasutter, or subscribe to her podcast available on Spotify, Google, and Apple.

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